Saturday, June 26, 2010

TMI Chicago #3: Top 10 Sitcoms

This week, Johnny and I discuss ten of our favorite situation comedies. You can find the episode here.

I was sort of surprised by all of the overlap. More than half of my shows were on Johnny's list as well. On the other hand, I really should not be too surprised because we watch a lot of sitcoms together. The other interesting note is that none of the shows we discussed are still running new episodes. We decided that this was because the current crop of sitcoms are either aimed at adults (with all of the immature "mature" humor) or aimed at kids. Our favorites were designed for families to watch together, which is no longer a target demographic for ANYTHING.

If you have comments, suggestions, or interesting business opportunities, please send us an e-mail! Our address is Question for the week: What is your favorite sitcom? Also, be sure to join us next week for the Game Shows Show!

I had an excellent time at the CON!! Look for pictures soon-ish.

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