Thursday, June 17, 2010

Video Thursday #3: Our Favorite Things

It's time for another Video Thursday! This week's theme, to recap our first show, is Our Favorite Things. I decided to focus on three of the items that appeared on Johnny's and my lists.

First up: Leverage. This is a preview of the first episode in Season 3.

Seriously, think "Mission: Impossible" meets "Robin Hood" and you've got a pretty good picture of Leverage. The acting and writing are FANTASTIC. I am so ready for the new season! I discovered it back when I had cable, and so now I buy it on iTunes. New episodes are available the day after they air on TV, which is pretty sweet.

All right, next up is the trailer from one of our favorite movies. Dracula: Dead and Loving It is Dracula done by Mel Brooks. This is probably one of the most quoted movies at our house, along with "The Emperor's New Groove."

The whole movie is available on YouTube, though I am not sure it was uploaded legally. Of course, I would never link to it unless I was sure.

And finally, here is an excellent Marvel/DC video from RandomGuy! What if the "Twilight" series was done by your favorite comic book characters? We have the Joker as Edward, Green Goblin as Jacob, and Harley Quinn as Bella.

When not parodying the rivalry between the comic book companies, RandomGuy and RandomGal also do parodies of movie trailers. This one is about to become relevant again, with the release of "Eclipse" later this month.

And to explain the end of this one: RandomGuy has established that all of the movie trailer parodies are Spider-Man's dreams. The other superheroes find them so entertaining that they have taken to spiking his milkshakes. Batman is not too pleased.

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