Saturday, June 5, 2010

Podcast preview

Next Saturday is the debut episode of the TMI Chicago podcast! For our first episode, we're going to introduce ourselves to you, the listeners, by discussing a few of our favorite things from TV, movies, and the Internet.

One of the things you'll learn about us is that we like to talk. A lot. So to keep our first show from running all evening, we're limiting ourselves to two minutes per topic. We've got a timer and everything. It's like speed dating! Not that I've ever been speed dating. In fact, I cannot remember ever seeing a real-life example of speed dating. My only exposure comes from using speed dating as a sitcom plot device. Or in this video, which is set up like a Candid Camera gag and is much funnier if you know who Tom Baker is. Otherwise you may be a bit confused.

See what I mean about getting off topic?

Each of us has a list of fifteen items to discuss (five movies, five TV shows, and five examples of Internet media). Please join us a week from today, and spread the word!

Johnny and I are going to alternate the Monday and Tuesday posts, so look for his first blog entry early next week.

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