Saturday, June 19, 2010

TMI Chicago #2: Endurance Training

This week, I discuss topics that bore Johnny and he discusses topics that bore me! Johnny talks about one of his favorite websites, Homestar Runner; I discuss Doctor Who. In the second half, Johnny discusses "YouTube Poops" and I talk about the vampire drama Blood Ties. We only hope that nobody thinks we're boring!

I apologize for the show being late. As Johnny explained yesterday, our power went out last night. It was back on surprisingly fast; despite the large number of fallen trees and branches, the outage only lasted four hours. However, we finished recording the show after ten o'clock last night, and then we had a brownout and decided to shut down the computer until today.

Long story short, our latest episode is available here.

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Coming up next week: A countdown of our favorite sitcoms!

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