Thursday, June 10, 2010

Video Thursday #2: Stop-Motion Animation

I love stop-motion animation, because you can do all sorts of neat effects without any kind of fancy equipment. All you need is a camera and a lot of time. And patience.

First up this week, we have Lego Tetris. It is a stop-motion animation video combining the world's greatest building toy with a classic video game.

'Nuff said.

Next up, this video from Rhett and Link was so popular that they were actually asked to do a commercial for McDonald's using the same concept. They link to their commercial at the end of this video; here is the original T-Shirt Wars:

And finally, as an example of just how much time and patience is needed for professional stop-motion animation: on a good day, they were able to get seven seconds of footage. From the people who brought you "Wallace and Gromit," here is the trailer for one of my favorite movies, Chicken Run.

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