Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Favorite Things: Irregular Webcomic!

Irregular Webcomic! is done by David Morgan-Marr. All of the characters (aside from David, who will appear as himself in photos) are either Lego minifigs or D&D models. There is a new strip every day, which may make you wonder why it's called "Irregular." That would be because of the content.

David has about 20 different sets of characters, each with their own storylines, and they are all pretty strange. Among others, we have:
-Shakespeare, in the 21st century, working in an office and writing fanfiction.
-Adam and Jamie of the Mythbusters, who have gone back in time to become their own grandpas. They ended up becoming each other's grandfathers instead.
-The deaths, including Death By Insanely Overpowered Fireballs and Death of Being Stared At By A Giant Frog. And the Head Death.
-An Indiana Jones parody, with Montana Jones and his father fighting some Nazis and Hitler's brain in a jar.

The different themes frequently cross over (the Deaths, in particular, have met just about EVERYONE...and they are notoriously inefficient). Right now, it looks like he's building towards a mega-crossover that will destroy the multiverse.


Like I said, it's highly irregular. It is also uproariously funny, especially if you like science puns. David bases a lot of his humor on bad puns, which is fine by me. Some stories are easier for new readers to pick up on than others; I suggest just jumping in and look through the archives a bit. David has an index broken down by character set, so if you find a storyline that looks interesting you can start there. I started with Mythbusters.

Some quick links:
Here is the latest comic.
Here is the list of characters. From there you can jump to the first and latest strip in each theme.
David also works on Darths & Droids, which aims to answer the question, "What if Star Wars had been created by gamers?" It is a must for fans of Star Wars and/or roleplaying games.
He also does a blog, which is sometimes about the comics but mostly about other things in his life. He does wine reviews fairly often, so if you're into that it's worth checking out.

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