Thursday, July 15, 2010

Video Thursday

And I'm back, with a new video for you! Also related to commercials, this is a YouTube Poop (the only one that Monica even tolerates, in fact) that parodies the infomercial for the Magic Bullet, complete with jokes... about s***.

...And there go all of the people who enjoyed Video Thursday.

Oh yes, Monica and I will be recording the next episode of the show tomorrow. I will be talking all about Homestar Runner! But that's going to be on Saturday (at noon this time, I swear). Until then, have another bad commercial:

That is another commercial we talked about on the commercials show. You know, I just can't find the commercial for 1-800-buy-a-car!

But oh well. See you tomorrow, where I shall give you a preview of Saturday's show.

Oh, and Episode 5 is here. Monica? Why didn't you blog that?


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