Friday, July 16, 2010

A message from Uncle Swanson

We want YOU to send us e-mails!

Um, yes, that was a very bad joke, but it had to be made. Honestly.

I mean, our e-mail is like a graveyard! All we have is spam e-mail to laugh or boo at. So please, do us a favor and shoot us an e-mail or post a comment on our blog. Don't worry about it not getting read; since we--AHEM--hardly ever receive any e-mails, we will read any we get (unless we--AHEM--actually get a lot).

And yes, this means YOU! Everyone reading this post must follow these steps:

1)Listen to an episode of the show (skip if already done).
2)Post a comment and/or send an e-mail, preferably both.
3)Tell your friends and family about the show (if you like it).

If you like the show, and you want us to keep making episodes, this is the only way to keep it running.

Oh, and "You guys suck" is not valid; "I think you need to edit better" is because it's specific.

On the flip side, "It's a good show" is not valid; "I like how you guys make random jokes once in a while" is because it's specific.

And obviously, "First", "Second", "Third", etc. are not comments, and therefore not valid. In other words, only comment about what you like or dislike about the show, and be specific.

Also, tomorrow at noon is when the next episode (#6) will go live (that is central time, by the way).

See ya then!


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