Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video Thursday

Yes, I'm still doing stuff, too.

Okay, so I've taken over Video Thursday, and I've decided that during each podcast week (from the Saturday the show goes live until the Friday we record the next one), my posts on Thursday and Friday will be related to the topic of our previous show. So, here's a video from the game show I was talking about called "Balderdash":

This is only the bonus round, although at least one episode does exist on YouTube (it's in the related videos section, which will pop up under the video once it's done playing, or on the side if you click on the title).

And also, the show I was talking about with the rings that say "Help Me" on the inside is called Studio 7. I saw one episode of it, a long time ago. No episodes exist on YouTube, but according to Wikipedia, there was going to be a second season, but... well, just click here and find out for yourself!

Tomorrow, I'll talk about something else related to game shows, as well as give you a preview of our next show! Stay tuned!


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